About Us

Culture Cube is a Los Angeles area based agency with offices in Claremont and Pasadena.

The company was started in 2013 as an agency focused on experiential marketing, video production, web development and design, consulting to digital startups on proof of concepts, and consulting to businesses on how to market to the emerging millennial generation.

From the start the company worked primarily with major brands such as Western Digital, Gannett, MPTF, and the Hollywood Reporter. Culture Cube also produced unique projects such as the percussion symphony for the 150th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower.

In late 2014 the company’s founders realized that local, regional, and large companies alike needed help in figuring out how to combine technology and creative to produce measurable results in the digital era. This opportunity allowed the company to expand its digital marketing services to Main Street businesses (local and regional companies) and to provide them with holistic and comprehensive digital marketing solutions with a high level of expertise.

In 2016 the company pioneered eCommerce websites for local retailers as we identified changes in consumer behavior at the local level and changes in Google’s algorithm which was showing a preference for eCommerce sites in organic results. In 2018 we completed one of the largest eCommerce websites built on a WordPress/WooCommerce platform for a local business with over 90,000 SKU’s. Bringing efficient and cost-effective development for enterprise eCommerce to local and regional businesses.

Today, Culture Cube continues to push the digital envelope as we create custom databases, tie eCommerce to Inbound marketing and automation with CRM tools and a clients POS (point of sale software); and integrate PR and Social Media to be the core for developing unique, creative, and shareable content that supports efforts in outreach and client authority.

Since its founding, Culture Cube has worked with household brands and corporations as well as highly successful regional companies to build comprehensive and unique digital marketing solutions that have increased client market share, improved conversions, and helped shape a more efficient and effective customer funnel.

Our Founding Principles

We Have No Rules.

Our experts in every discipline know how to generate change to benefit our clients.

We Know the Journey.

Every day your customers embark upon a digital journey. Our expertise raises their awareness of you via a variety of digital encounters.

We Are Culture Driven.

From current trends to the latest tech, we are in tune with today’s ever changing culture and buying/shopping behaviors.

We Measure Everything.

Tracking results and attributions support data-driven decisions across a holistic digital strategy of content engagements and conversions.

Our areas of expertise extend across all disciplines of digital marketing

Marketing Strategy
Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing
Web Design & Development
Experiential Marketing

E-Commerce Solutions
Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Unique Written Content

Video Production
Creative Development
Social Media
Review Management
Public Relations & Outreach