About Culture Cube Digital Marketing

Culture Cube is an Upland, CA-based digital marketing agency.

Services include:

  • Website design & development, including e-commerce
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing copy & content development
  • Email & inbound marketing (Automation)
  • Paid search & Google Local Ads (SEM)
  • Google My Business management
  • Conversion analysis & the user experience
  • Video production
  • Experiential marketing
  • App development
  • Complete marketing strategy
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We create custom databases, tie e-commerce to inbound marketing and automation, and integrate PR, social media, and SEO in all aspects of marketing.

Above all, we build websites with clear messaging, architecture, navigation, and value propositions to cast our clients in the most favorable light.

Our Clientele

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Culture Cube has collaborated with major brands like Western Digital, Gannett, MPTF, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Hollywood Reporter. It has also produced unusual projects like the percussion symphony for the 150th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower.

But most of our longstanding customers are in service industries. They’re plumbers, electricians, appliance technicians, and retail businesses with local markets.

And this is where we shine because we choose our customers as much as they choose us. We deliver a level of care and expertise to service industry clients that most advertising firms can’t match at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves on solid customer relationships. We do what’s right to generate business for companies that are sometimes ignored by large agencies and underserved by small agencies.

Culture Cube Core Values

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Our people set the rules

We hire experts in every advertising discipline to give our clients access to the skills needed in today's digital marketplace.

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We're culture-driven

We realize that all successful marketing begins and ends with human beings. We hire good people to work for us, and we're picky about the clients we serve. They should care about their customers as much as we care about our clients.

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We measure everything

We track the results of campaigns we run and websites we build, constantly tweaking and reworking them to perform better.


Company History

Culture Cube was founded in 2013. Early projects included experiential marketing, video production, and business consulting and planning.

More recently, we’ve shifted toward website development, SEO, email marketing, and content development, which are the bread and butter of the businesses we serve. We measure the success of a campaign or website redesign in terms of the phone calls and foot traffic our clients receive.

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Our Transition to Digital Marketing

By late 2014, it was apparent that many local, regional, and even large companies needed help combining technology with user-friendly interfaces and websites.

With this realization, Culture Cube focused on local and regional websites, offering expertise and a suite of digital marketing tools previously unavailable to local businesses.

In 2016, we began developing e-commerce websites for local retailers. Google was already showing a preference for e-commerce sites in the search results; e-commerce made several clients more competitive.

Among other projects, we built one of the largest e-commerce websites, with over 90,000 SKUs, on a WordPress/WooCommerce platform. We’re now in the process of creating a custom e-commerce platform that will perform better than WooCommerce and allow greater flexibility.

Culture Cube Today

Today, we continue to expand our digital reach and offerings for local businesses as we:

  • Create custom databases and e-commerce platforms;
  • Link e-commerce with inbound marketing and automation, using CRM (customer relationship management) tools and POS (point of sale) software;
  • Apply analytics to improve site conversions;
  • Integrate PR and social media into client campaigns;
  • Build search engine-friendly websites that extend client market share;
  • Develop shareable content that engages users, supports client brands, bolsters client authority in their area of expertise, and drives traffic to client websites.
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Our Staff

Culture Cube’s staff is diverse and comes from diverse backgrounds.

We have staff diversity in the one area where most marketing companies fail: age diversity.

Some team members have worked in marketing for decades and in web design and development since the earliest days of the public internet.

In previous gigs, we’ve faithfully served multi-million dollar corporations, nonprofit agencies, and large and small e-commerce operations. We’re happy to be in a small agency allowing independent thought and creative action. We don’t see the staff turnover that plagues so many advertising agencies.

Thanks to our experience, we’re not so easily fooled. We know that tricks and shortcuts can never replace competence and effort. We’ve learned to market on shoestring budgets (although we don’t recommend this approach) and have a long record of successful marketing for small businesses, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 corporations.

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CEO & Co-Founder

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SEO Director

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CRM & Lifecycle Marketing Manager

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