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Inbound marketing creates quality content and shares it with a receptive audience to generate leads. It directs prospects to your website and converts them into customers — at a less aggressive pace.

It’s the opposite of outbound marketing, which interrupts people with ads designed to sell something now.

It fosters brand loyalty.

And it does this subtly with original content shared via SEO, social media, and targeted digital channels.

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Why Is Inbound Marketing So Important?

Advertising is more pervasive and intrusive than ever. Most customers have learned to tune it out. “Banner blindness” is a real thing, where people are desensitized to online display ads to the point where they don’t even see them.

Your customers aren’t reading shotgun-style email blasts or listening to radio ads. A better approach is to meet them where they are and when they’re receptive — and that’s online, in the nooks and crannies of the internet.

Inbound marketing is the best way to accomplish that. It’s a proven, data-driven methodology that delivers results.

How Inbound Marketing Works

Inbound marketing distributes quality content to generate leads and “inbound” traffic to your website.

The content can be a blog post, video, photo, podcast, e-book, or infographic. The trick is to get that content in front of an interested audience. That’s where SEO, social media, and content promotion come in. The more you promote and expose the content, the more traction it will get to sell your business.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing: The Differences

“Interruption marketing” is another term for outbound emails and ads. But inbound marketing invites engagement rather than demanding it, and encourages prospects to visit your website to learn more.

  • Outbound marketing interrupts people with ads, cold calls, and emails. Inbound marketing attracts prospects and builds relationships with them.
  • Outbound marketing is pushy and intrusive. Inbound marketing is helpful, informative, and sometimes funny.
  • Outbound marketing often uses brute force tactics like purchased email lists. Inbound marketing provides valuable content to establish your credibility.
  • Outbound marketing is a spray-and-pray approach. Inbound marketing can target specific audiences with personalized messages.

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound

  • It’s effective: Inbound marketing generates leads at a lower cost than outbound marketing.
  • It’s efficient: Inbound marketing requires less effort per lead than outbound marketing.
  • It’s scalable: You do as much inbound marketing as you like. Customer backlash is never a concern with a well-managed campaign.
  • It’s sustainable: Inbound marketing attracts new leads consistently over time, whereas outbound marketing becomes less effective as people ignore it.
  • It’s targeted: Inbound marketing can personalize messages and target an audience by demographics, income, etc. This results in higher conversion rates than outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing at Culture Cube

At Culture Cube, we’re passionate about helping our clients grow. Experience tells us that inbound marketing is one of the best ways for a local business to connect with customers and promote a brand.

We use the latest tools and strategies and will develop a plan that fits your budget, adjusts for seasonality, and strengthens your brand and customer base.

Our Services for Inbound Marketing

Content Creation

A single blog post that strikes keyword gold can drive up to 20% of the traffic on your website and a surprising number of phone calls. Other content can include infographics, videos, photos, and more.

Social Media

We’ll help you build a social media presence with engaging content and timely posts.

Lead Nurturing

We can nurture your leads with targeted emails, coupons, promotions, and other offers to convert them into customers.


We’ll track your results and adjust our strategies to ensure you get the most out of our marketing efforts.

Related Marketing Services

GBP Management

Google Business (maps and local search) can drive anywhere from 30% to 60% of the phone calls for a local service business — but only if your profile is verified and optimized. We’ll take care of that for you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A search-optimized website can be a traffic powerhouse. This is especially true if your marketing plan includes an ongoing website content strategy (search-optimized blogs, i.e.) and a way to promote new content.

UX & Landing Pages

A well-designed, user-friendly website converts at a higher rate. Purpose-built landing pages can dramatically improve the conversion rate of a social campaign.

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