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Advertise your business on Google for direct, quality, affordable leads in your local market.

  • Direct leads, because they come directly from prospects as phone calls.
  • Quality leads, because they’re restricted to your business area and the services you provide.
  • Affordable leads, because you pay a flat rate.

Google Local Services ads are designed for service businesses. That sets Google Local Services (GLS) apart from AdWords, Shopping, and other paid search bodies in the Google constellation.

GLS ads deliver high-quality, low-cost leads for local businesses like yours.

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How Google Local Services Ads Work

Leads from GLS ads arrive as phone calls and messages. You’ll be able to listen to and screen calls and book or decline leads. We’ll set a weekly budget (within our agreement), a target market, and define the services you want to advertise.

Best of all, you pay a flat rate per lead, unlike AdWords, where keyword prices range from cheap to outrageous. And if you feel a lead isn’t valid, you can request a refund — from Google, with Culture Cube lobbying on your behalf.

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Why Google Local Services Ads?

GLS ads pull information from your Google My Business listing (GMB, which we’ll also manage for you), displaying your business name, average GMB customer rating, and phone number above all other search results. They inform the customer if you’re open or closed — based on the hours posted in your GMB profile.

You control the times of day and the days of the week your GLS ads appear.

They occupy prime real estate on the search results page, well above the fold (even on mobile), and the Google Guarantee and average customer rating help inspire confidence in your brand.

Rethinking Google AdWords & Old School Paid Search

For years, we had only Google AdWords. They cost a fortune and did a mediocre job of targeting local customers.

Then we got Google Shopping. Totally irrelevant for most LA-area local businesses unless you were selling gardening shears and shipping them to Georgia.

Google Local Services ads came naturally on the heels of Google’s push for search localization in 2015. Do you remember when the local 3-pack began to dominate local searches? It was late 2015, and it sent the SEO world scrambling.

Google Local Search Ads are the paid equivalent of the organic local 3-pack.

Why You Need to Get in the GLS Game

If you’re not advertising in Google Local Services, you’re giving competitors a slice of your business pie. It may be a sizeable slice.

The good news is it’s easy enough to launch a GLS campaign, and you won’t be tempted to spend like mad. In fact, you can’t.

Google controls ad visibility and rotation and distributes them evenly among participating businesses in a category.

So in this sense, Google Local Services Ads aren’t scalable. You can’t rely on them for all your paid advertising or most of the traffic to your site.

But they serve as a beautiful complement to organic search, dynamic ads, and whatever else may be driving site traffic. And again, they deliver quality local leads for much less than Google AdWords.

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Culture Cube’s Approach to Google Local Services

We’re experienced and savvy.

We’ve been there from the beginning. We helped pioneer this paid search category; some of our clients participated in the 2016 Los Angeles & Orange County Beta test.

As participants in that beta test, Google invited us to the Mountain View campus to provide feedback on the platform. How’s that for namedropping? We hope you’re impressed.

We make the most of GLS leads.

Unlike AdWords, you can’t pay your way to the top of GLS ad results or pay to appear more often. You can’t outbid your competitors. Our strategy is to maximize the leads from Google Local Services. It’s a category, reviews, geography, time, and budget-based platform, so we monitor results to determine when and where it performs best for you.

We guarantee your listing with Google.

GLS is an exclusive country club. Not just anyone can advertise — certainly no shady fly-by-night operation.

You’ll need to pass business and field employee background checks, which grants you the Google Guaranteed Badge. It’s showcased on your GLS just below the customer reviews, making your business stand out in the crowded search results.

We help you with approval and compliance.

We work with you and the Google Local Services team to get you approved and set up in the system. This includes assistance with all background checks and dashboard training. We collaborate with your staff to devise an efficient method of handling leads from GLS.

Case Study: GLS Ads & Plumbing

$21 in revenue for every dollar spent

In the first quarter of 2018, our client, a Southern California-based plumbing service, saw a return on ad spend increase by 194% from January to February. In March, it increased by another 40%, in $21 of job revenue per $1 spent on Google Local Services.

Google Local Services Ads ROI Graph

Why Culture Cube for Your GLS Ads?

46% of all Google searches are looking for local information or businesses. 72% of customers that did a local search visited a store within five miles.

Search intent is hyperlocalized, and Google has responded to the challenge with the business 3-pack, GLS ads, and more.

Your customers are out there, searching for your business on the internet. They just don’t know it yet.

Culture Cube can be their daily digital sherpa leading them to your business.

  • We have the experience and expertise.
  • We have a proven track record of success.
  • We can create and execute integrated marketing campaigns connecting clients to your business.

Call us today for a free consultation and to learn how we can promote your business with Google Local Services Ads.

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