Lead Generation Case Study: A Talent Recruitment Company

Accepting a new job

The Client

The talent recruitment branch of a real estate management company.

The Problem

The client needed to attract more qualified job candidates, hire qualified candidates faster, publish helpful content for prospects, and track the performance of recruitment campaigns.

The client’s Glassdoor ratings were a disappointing 2.5; we targeted a rating of 3.5 or higher.

Interviewing a qualified candidate

What We Did

  1. We redesigned the company website to create user experiences personalized by role type and experience level.
  2. We produced videos of employees sharing their positive experiences working for the company.
  3. We shifted LinkedIn advertising away from entry-level jobs to focus on professional candidates.
  4. We launched a new applicant tracking system.
  5. We published targeted blogs and social content.
  6. To raise Glassdoor ratings, we developed an automated email onboarding program for new employees from different geographic areas. Emails included a request to review the company on Glassdoor.

Logging into LinkedIn

The Results

  • New marketing campaigns enabled the company to attract and hire more qualified candidates faster.
  • Leads from the company website had the highest hire rate at the lowest source cost.
  • LinkedIn advertising had the top hire rate for paid ad sources.

Website Statistics

  • 23% increase in new users.
  • 33% increase in organic traffic.

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