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The PR Academy defines “public relations” as:

The strategic management of communication between an organization and its public.

That’s an annoyingly abstract definition if you run a plumbing business. But even a local business can benefit from smart PR. Most small businesses already run limited public relations campaigns with varying success.

  • But do you have the resources to handle the media if any aspect of your business becomes news?
  • Have you ever sent a press release announcing a change of address or a company sponsorship?
  • Does anyone manage social media other than harried employees busy scheduling appointments and answering the phones?

Culture Cube can help with your small business PR. It won’t cost a fortune, and we can easily integrate it into your monthly marketing plan.

Benefits of Public Relations for Small Business

A well-executed public relations strategy can foster trust, credibility, and brand awareness.

Some standard methods of PR include:

  • Press releases
  • Media relations
  • Community outreach
  • Social media
  • Review site management

Savvy PR can stretch your marketing budget (it’s cheaper than advertising!), help you handle crises, reach new customers, and boost employee morale.

Press Releases

Press releases are a staple of public relations, whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company. They can cover everything from a new product line to a new hire.

A press release is an announcement written like a news story and sent to media outlets. Some media outlets will republish it, and others will write an article about it. If you’ve ever seen your business mentioned in the news, someone may have sent out a press release.

A poorly written or boring press release won’t attract media attention. Your story should be professional, engaging, and newsworthy. News outlets look for recency, relevance, conflict, and human interest.

Be concise — reporters are busy people who won’t wade through a long, rambling introduction. Get straight to the point in the first paragraph. Include all relevant information (who, what, where, when, why), and always, always offer a company contact phone number and address.

Media Relations

Reporters aren’t your friends — they’re just doing their job. But if you treat them courteously and are forthcoming with information, they’re more likely to listen to what you say.

That’s where media relations come in. You’re establishing relationships with media members so that they’re more likely to cover your story.

A press release offers a shortcut to media attention, but you can also connect with reporters on social media, send them pitches (short, informal emails), and invite them to events.

Community Outreach

Community outreach builds relationships with members of your community so that they view your company in a positive light.

For example, you might sponsor a little league team, donate products to a charity auction, or host a blood drive at your office. These activities show that you’re invested in your community and care about more than just money.

Another way to do community outreach is by volunteering your time or resources to a local organization.

Social Media

Today, nearly half of all small businesses use social media for PR purposes.

Facebook makes the most sense for most local businesses. One well-managed Facebook profile does more good than a host of neglected accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Each social platform has unique features and audiences. If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn might be a better choice than Facebook, and Pinterest and Instagram are the best ways for a custom design company to display a portfolio.

Review site management

There’s no way to control what a customer says about your business. Yelp refuses to take down negative customer reviews, and Google will remove negative reviews only in limited circumstances. Your best option is to offer consistently outstanding customer service.

But you can manage your Yelp and Google My Business profiles or have us do it for you. This includes a compelling business description, accurate business information, up-to-date posts, and periodically uploading new photos of your business in action.

How We Can Help with Your PR

Culture Cube is a full-service digital marketing firm with many years of experience collaborating with nonprofits and local area businesses. Our clients include plumbers, electricians, and hardware stores.

You may not need every service in the PR suite, but what about a press release the next time you win an award or host an event? Or a refresh of your haggard Facebook page?

We can integrate PR elements into your general marketing plan and post every press release we write on your website for posterity — and search engines.

Please call us to learn more.

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