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Email marketing is the oldest form of digital marketing. The first email blast went out in 1978 and drove $13 million in sales!

Since then, digital marketing has expanded to include online ads, social media, SEO, and more. But email gives you a unique space to talk to your customers and leads while testing your messaging and targeting methods.

That’s why it’s still one of the most popular, effective, and affordable marketing channels for selling services and growing a business.

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What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that communicates via electronic mail (“email” = electronic mail). In a sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer is email marketing.

However, the term usually refers to the following types of email (and more) dispatched through a platform designed for email.

  • Newsletters are periodic emails containing a digest of blog posts, latest news, upcoming events, and discounts and promotions. They’re a great way to repurpose existing content from other sources, like your website or blog.
  • Confirmation emails are sent automatically when a prospect completes a contact form or signs up for a mailing list. They confirm that the prospect’s data has been received and may contain a welcome message or further instructions.
  • Promotional emails are email marketing’s salespeople. They exist to sell a physical product, digital service, or another offer.
  • Lead nurturing emails: Once you’ve captured leads with an opt-in form, email marketing lets you gradually convert leads into customers in a process called “lead nurturing.” Lead nurturing emails often run in automated campaigns; with good reporting and testing, they can be an easy way to generate sales.
  • Transactional emails include automated messages like password resets, order confirmations, shipping notifications, etc. They’re time-sensitive, have high open rates (customers need the information now), and often involve money (they need a receipt).
  • Re-engagement email is a form of retargeting. It takes existing customers or leads in your database — people who’ve opted to receive email from you but are no longer opening or reading your email communications. Re-engagement campaigns can turn losses into wins. And if a prospect fails to re-engage, their email address is scrubbed from the list, leaving you with a cleaner, higher-performing, non-spammy email list.

Why Sign Up for Email Marketing?

It’s an old digital marketing tool, but it’s far from dated. Email marketing is effective, efficient, and affordable when done right.

Plus, you have so many campaign options!

  • A promotion for a new service.
  • A sales promotion for existing products and services.
  • A branding email to connect with customers.
  • A traffic-driving email for your website, blog, social media, and more.
  • A persuasive email to nurture your audience to the point of sale.
  • And more.

With almost 3.8 billion email accounts around the world, email marketing has one of the farthest reaches. In the United States alone, an estimated 232.8 million people receive monthly promotional emails.

Not every US citizen will be on your email list, but we’ve grown customer accounts to number in the thousands. That means thousands of double opt-in subscribers are ready to hear your message.

55% of all small US small businesses websites get fewer than 16 daily visits. Algorithm changes to social media feeds and digital advertising can make it tough to keep an audience.

But with email marketing, you own the contacts. They’ve volunteered to hear from you! You control the messages. You’re marketing to people who already trust your brand and service.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Business

Some reasons to consider email are:

  • It’s still one of the most popular and effective marketing channels.
  • It’s cheaper than most other forms of digital marketing.
  • It lets you reach a large number of people with your message (depending on the size of your list).
  • It’s easy to test your messaging and target the best audience for it.
  • It’s immediate! If you have a good double opt-in list, you don’t have to wait for a website redesign to begin marketing via email.
  • It’s easy to set up and manage an email marketing campaign.

What Culture Cube Can Do for You

Culture Cube offers a suite of digital marketing services for local area businesses and nonprofit agencies. You can order à la carte from the menu, but for best results, we encourage new clients to sign up for our core services. Email marketing is one of those.

  • We’ll build your email strategy, the foundation of a successful email campaign, and work with you to define your audience, refine your database, and gauge how people interact with your content. We’ll establish campaign goals and expectations.
  • We’ll design templates, campaigns, and testing methods. Templates will reflect and enhance your brand. Campaigns will be consistent with your business goals and marketing content. We test subject lines, schedules, and list segmentation to help us improve performance and gain new insights.
  • We’ll grow and manage your email list, develop lead generation sources to increase your database, and segment your list to target your audience better.

Please call us to discuss your options for email marketing or any other digital service at Culture Cube.

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