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Our clients are local area businesses and nonprofit agencies. They’re not selling supplements online and shipping them to Florida.

Culture Cube isn’t churning out shoddy e-commerce scribblings for products we’ve never seen.

But we can and do write first-rate product copy on demand. Some Culture Cube team members set the copy guidelines and standards for large e-commerce retailers, training new writers as they came on board.

If you plan to add e-commerce to a local service website, don’t let bad product copy hold you back. Let us handle it for you.

Why Would a Local Business Need Product Copy?

Most custom glass makers, equipment rental operations, and local retailers aren’t selling things online, nor do they care to.

But if you’re leasing a 20-ft scissor lift, website visitors might need to know a few things in your product description — if you even have one.

  • Does it have an automatically locking safety gate and other safety features?
  • How much weight can it lift?
  • How large is the platform?
  • What fuel does it run on?
  • How easy is it to operate?

Here, you have the beginnings of product copy.

Inaccurate information about a scissor lift can get you sued. If your copy promises a locking gate the lift doesn’t have, well… Draw your conclusion.

What Product Copy Should Do

Product copy is the text on a product page that describes what the product is and does.

It’s written to sell the product but should do so by conveying accurate information about features, performance, and applications.

The best product copy is both compelling and informative. It doesn’t just tell the reader what the product is — it tells them how it will improve their lives.

Okay, so a scissor lift may not improve your life. But what about a privacy fence? And copy about a privacy fence should be accurate, too — not stuffed with hyperbole, exclamation points, and vague language.

How We Handle Product Copy

For a small inventory, we’ll write the copy in-house after we do our research and ask you questions about the products.

For a catalog of several thousand products, we’ll contract a third-party service with an existing database of product copy and a team of talented writers to bridge any gaps.

This approach is far more affordable and effective than building product descriptions from scratch. We manage the project from start to finish, so you’re never left hanging.

And if your inventory comes from a single vendor, we can populate product pages with manufacturer descriptions pulled in through an API. You won’t get the prettiest or most search-friendly copy, and you may see 20 products with the same name, but it’s a cheap method of getting words on an otherwise empty product page.

Please call us to discuss your options.

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