Experiential Case Study: Eiffel Tower Music

An interview with the composer


Culture Cube worked with award-winning composer Joseph Bertolozzi on his Eiffel Tower Music project in Paris. We provided the artist and his production team with logistical support, public relations, and “other duties as required.”

The Project

Bertolozzi recorded and sampled percussive sounds from the Eiffel Tower, which he later integrated into an orchestral score.

The operators of the Eiffel Tower granted us unrestricted access, allowing the recording team to capture sounds from areas usually off limits to visitors.

Recording at the Eiffel Tower

The team captured and cataloged over 15,000 raw audio samples and built a virtual orchestra. Bertolozzi used the samples to create a score and record an album.

The Results

The sound capture techniques and completed composition generated considerable press interest, with over 250 articles and stories appearing in publications and newspapers worldwide.

Newspaper article about the Eiffel Tower music

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