Analytics enables businesses to gain important data insights and analyze emerging trends. These advanced analytics help drive smarter marketing decisions, increasing overall marketing effectiveness.

Data Decisions

The best Marketing and business decisions are based on data analysis. Analytics helps you know who your customers are and how they interact with your company. Understanding their behaviors creates data that can be used to deliver personalized content and increase conversions. Your modeling and testing is determined by data as well.

Why Analytics

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Only 21% of marketers are employing analytics to measure marketing ROI for all marketing engagements. This lack of information creates blind spots that lead uninformed marketers to make bad decisions. (Source:Forbes Insights and Turn).

Only 10% of US marketers are able to measure the customer experience “extremely well;” 24% said they could do so “moderately well.” (Source: eMarketer)

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Our Approach to Analytics


Define Data

First, we need to figure out what you actually want from your data. What are you trying to achieve with your marketing? How will you measure marketing success?


Visualize Data

The process of visualizing important data can help define actionable insights by bringing this key data to life. Making it easier to find any emerging trends.


Improve Effectiveness

By benchmarking key performance indicators we can identify areas where your advertising can be improved. Such as messaging, pricing, offers, and new opportunities.


Spend More Efficiently

Advanced analytics allows us to create relevant campaigns to target high intent potential customers at the right time in their buying journey. Analytics helps increases conversions, lowers the cost to acquire new customers, and ultimately saves you money.


Closed Loop Reporting

It’s important to track all of your website’s calls and form submission. However, there is only so much a marketer can do with that level of information. We can connect your API, POS, CRM, or any other marketing software to Analytics to see what leads turned into sales, allowing us to further increase campaign effectiveness

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Every day your customers embark upon a daily digital journey. Our expertise raises their awareness of you and offers to them the opportunity to connect directly with you via a variety of personal, passive, and active digital encounters across their most trusted and used digital resources and devices.